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BooGi CLI is a recommended way of working with BooGi apps. However, if you need full control over your app, what comes with a cost of significantly increased complexity, you can still use Gatsby CLI.

CLI for BooGi used to speed up and simplify development of BooGi-based apps.

🏷️ Requirements

  • NodeJS in version 12.13 or higher
  • Yarn (npm install -g yarn)
  • BooGi CLI npm install -g boogi-cli

📖 Guide

App structure

BooGi CLI is creating following directory structure

+-- .boogi.yml # BooGi CLI configuration file
+-- package.json #
+-- # Your BooGi app readme
+-- assets/ # Directory with static assets not used inside content (e.g. logo)
+-- config/ # Directory with BooGi app configuration
│ +-- config.yml # BooGi configuration file
│ +-- jargon.yml # Jargon (abbrevations / definitions) configuration file
│ +-- theme/ # Directory with BooGi app theme (look-and-feel) configuration
│ +-- colors.js # Base colors configuration file
│ +-- dark.js # Dark theme configuration file
│ +-- light.js # Light theme configuration file
+-- content/ # Directory with your app content
│ +-- # Root page content file (do not remove!)
+-- snippets/ # Directory with external code snippets, which can be embedded in content

boogi init

Initialize BooGi app in a given path. This gives a way to easily and quickly start a BooGi project.

boogi init [path] [-f|--full] [--skip|--skip-config] [-d|--debug]

path - path where BooGi project will be initialized. Defaults to current directory.

-f, --full - use full (advanced) configuration wizard. Guides you through most of available configuration options.

--skip, --skip-config - skip configuration wizard. Default values will be applied.

-d, --debug - enable debugging mode.

boogi develop

Start BooGi development server on specified port (default 8000). The development server supports live (hot) reload on any changes.

boogi develop [-p|--port] [-d|--debug]

-p, --port - port on which development server will run. Defaults to 8000.

-d, --debug - enable debugging mode.

Note Changes done to config/jargon.yml will not be reloaded. To apply changes to jargon you must restart server.

boogi build

Build BooGi project. Deployment-ready package will be created in public directory.

boogi build [-a|--archive] [-d|--debug]

-a, --archive - archive (zip) result directory. file will be created with your built app.

-d, --debug - enable debugging mode.

boogi clean

Wipe the local BooGi environment including built assets and cache. Useful in case of issues while running build or develop commands.

boogi clean

👷‍♂️ Roadmap

  • add feature to manage navigation sidebar (create, edit, remove groups etc..)
  • add feature to manage pages (create, edit, remove etc..)
  • add feature to manage theme
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