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About BooGi

👋 Hello!

BooGi is an awesome GatsbyJS documentation 📖 starter. It generates modern documentation pages, which can serve as product docs, tutorials, APIAPI - Application Programming Interface Computing interface which defines interactions between multiple software intermediaries docs and, especially, knowledge-bases.

Goal is to give teams powerful tool which they can use to efficiently and collaboratively share their knowledge. They can easily host it on any infrastructure of choice or SaaS hosting like Netlify, Vercel or GitHub / GitLab Pages. We want to provide a product, which can be customized to (nearly) any needs, either using basic or advanced configuration options.

BooGi is inspired by popular Gitbook look and feel. It offers custom styling and components that enable building beautiful documentation for projects and products quickly. It follows docs-as-code principles, where you treat your documentation in the same way as your code.

What BooGi offers? 🔥

BooGi is open source and free -- forever!
  • writing docs using Markdown / MDX

  • customizing your page to match your branding and needs

  • GitBook-like style theme, inspired by

  • light / dark mode themes

  • rich-content and rich-text features like text formatting, graphs and diagrams, quotes, columnar layout, cards, emojis, highlights, live code editor, syntax highlighting, external code snippets and many many more!

  • draft pages

  • Progressive Web App which can work offline

  • search integration with Algolia

  • local search (search in a browser without need to integrate with Algolia)

  • responsive, optimized for mobile devices

  • integration with Google Analytics

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEOSEO - Search Engine Optimization The process of growing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine) friendliness

  • full screen mode

  • RSS feed

  • easy way to edit content on Gitlab, Github or Bitbucket

  • custom CLI helping to initialize and develop BooGi apps

  • easy deployment on platform of your choice

What is planned for near future? ✨

Features listed here will arrive in Q2/Q3 2020!
  • embed files to download
  • sharing on social media
  • syntax highlighting improvements (more languages, copy code snippets, show language used)
  • new components: tabs, math formulas
  • Kubernetes Helm Chart

What we will be working on next?

  • documentation versions
  • API documentation with OpenAPI support
  • authentication (OAuth2, LDAP) when using Docker / Kubernetes deployment
  • improved and even faster site navigation
  • support for multiple languages
  • page rating (likes 👍, mood faces 😄 or stars ⭐)
  • built-in page tutorial (how to use)

Ready to learn more?

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